OFIC: Minding the Future® and connecting corporate Ohio to their future talent pool.

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC) helps students by soliciting financial support from corporate donors that believe strongly in higher education. Our approach is personal and life changing— connecting students with donors and empowering donors to design scholarships that have a direct impact on Ohio students, their local community and their future employees.

Because investments stay in Ohio, OFIC can efficiently and aggressively work to empower Ohio independent colleges and universities to have a local impact and increase the number of college-educated workers in Ohio.

Our Purpose

OFIC was founded in 1950 to conduct annual solicitations of companies and foundations to benefit private colleges in Ohio. OFIC today has 33 member institutions and 80,000 students. Solicitation is conducted annually with the help of hundreds of corporate and collegiate volunteers calling on companies and foundations headquartered or doing business in Ohio. OFIC raises both unrestricted and restricted gifts including scholarships and endowments. Unrestricted gifts are largely used for student financial aid.

Our Staff

Office of the President

Bill Spiker

Tacarra Davis
Executive Assistant to the President

Marketing, Technology & Communications

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications



Liz Johnson Lori Burrows
Regional Vice President for Development Regional Vice President for Development

Administrative Services

Jayne E. Taylor
Vice President
Finance & Administration

Julie Mask
Campaign Coordinator

Scholarships, Student & Donor Program Administration

Brett S. Fields
Director, Scholarship Services

Judy Moehl
Scholarship, Events and Administration Coordinator

Wendy E. Thornton
Information Director, CareerFest Manager