Your gift matters


OFIC was founded in 1950 by Ohio business executives and college presidents as a partnership between Ohio’s non-tax-funded colleges and universities and corporations. The goal was to help corporations, foundations and others provide charitable support to students from all socioeconomic levels, thereby creating a pool of skilled workers for Ohio’s businesses.

Today, these gifts to OFIC not only support our member colleges’ educational programs, furnish scholarships for low-to-moderate income students and fill the areas of greatest need on OFIC’s 34 member campuses, but they also help develop Ohio’s future workforce and economy. 

The shortage of college-educated Ohioans continues to be a major obstacle in our state’s ability to attract and retain good jobs and improve the economy.  Today, fewer than three out of 10 Ohio students who start high school earn a college degree within 10 years and only 25% of all Ohioans 25 years of age or older hold a bachelor’s degree. 

The need for more skilled workers, especially in Ohio, has become urgent. In fact, almost three of every 10 workers in educational services is near or at retirement age; 20% of the healthcare and social assistance workforce is retiring soon as well.  Without your assistance, many students will never get the opportunity to achieve their academic goals of a college education.

Demand for workers with a college education will outpace supply by 300,000 per year. By 2018, colleges will have produced 3 million fewer graduates than demanded by corporate America.