Invest in the Future of Your Workforce


It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of college educated workers in Ohio. With only 28% of all Ohioans 25 years of age or older holding a bachelor’s degree, there’s never been a more urgent time than today to invest in building tomorrow’s workforce. OFIC helps channel resources to specific students and universities that can directly impact your industry or workforce, creating an ongoing talent pipeline of liberal arts educated graduates. Studies show that graduates of liberal arts universities tend to be well-rounded, creative problem solvers and excellent communicators that can contribute quickly to the workforce in a meaningful way.

For as little as $3,300, corporations have the ability to design individual scholarships by area of interest and university, and can have a direct connection with students they support, even offering internships and career development opportunities when appropriate. This creates an economic value chain that increases access to top minds and talent both locally and all across the state. Through OFIC, an investment in the future of students can be a direct investment in the future of your talent pool.

These gifts to OFIC not only support our member colleges’ educational programs, furnish scholarships for low-to-moderate income students and fill the areas of greatest need on OFIC’s 33 member campuses, but they also help develop Ohio’s future workforce and economy. 

Increased Education is Critical to Ohio's Future

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The shortage of college-educated Ohioans continues to be a major obstacle in our state’s ability to attract and retain good jobs and improve the economy.  Today, fewer than three out of 10 Ohio students who start high school earn a college degree within 10 years and only 28% of all Ohioans 25 years of age or older hold a bachelor’s degree. 

The need for more skilled workers, especially in Ohio, has become urgent. In fact, almost three of every 10 workers in educational services is near or at retirement age; 20% of the healthcare and social assistance workforce is retiring soon as well.  Without your assistance, many students will never get the opportunity to achieve their academic goals of a college education.

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