Support Colleges

Donors who make gifts of support to OFIC understand the importance of providing operating support to our member colleges and universities. These gifts offer college administrators the financial flexibility to meet the myriad needs of their institutions. Ohio's private colleges are committed to the education of the whole individual and strive to provide students with the optimum college experience, which extends well beyond classroom instruction. Lessons are learned for a lifetime, and opportunities are expanded for both faculty and students through giving to our institutions.

Ways that giving to OFIC member colleges and universities supports our mission:

  • Student Financial Assistance
    Independent colleges, as finances permit, help economically disadvantaged students beyond any financial assistance they may receive from other funding sources.

  • Faculty
    The teaching faculty of our member colleges has a strong commitment to students and a deep concern for their success. Attracting and retaining outstanding faculty is a major endeavor for college administrators. It is their desire to provide an atmosphere where faculty can be supported, cultivated and encouraged.

  • Library, Classroom and Technology Needs
    "Libraries work at providing both online and traditional print resources in an environment where the cost of such resources outpaces the average inflation rate. Online resources, coupled with demand for such resources from off-campus (commuters, study-abroad students, etc.), require increasingly complex and costly technology infrastructure."
    - Dave Everett, Head Librarian, Hiram College

  • Community and Campus Service Projects
    All of OFIC's member colleges and universities offer student programs for community outreach and include service projects as part of the curriculum. Some examples are: after-school tutoring in area schools; volunteering at community hospitals, nursing homes and juvenile detention facilities; assisting with scout troops; and supporting both youth and music programs at local churches.
  • Facility Maintenance
    With thousands of acres of buildings to maintain across the state, and with energy/natural resource conservation of prime importance, the upkeep of our member colleges' facilities is an ongoing priority.