OFIC announces Libbey Inc. Diversity Awards - Request for Proposals

OFIC is pleased to announce that Libbey Inc. will award three grants of $2,500 each to support diversity programs on member campuses to be implemented during the 2014-15 academic year.  An RFP detailing eligible programs and proposal guidelines follows:

Three $2,500 grants will be awarded for programs that address issues of diversity and inclusion and are designed to engage, enlighten and connect minority and non-minority students.  Programs may be aimed at addressing all forms of diversity (ethnic, gender, national origin (language barriers), sexual orientation, etc.).  Your proposal may replicate a program that has worked well on other campuses, or you may propose a new program intended to advance change and the embracing of diversity on your campus.  You may also propose use of this grant money to enhance the funding of a successful existing program.  Programs that impact current students, faculty, staff, alumni or trustees will all be considered.  Your institution may submit more than one proposal for consideration of an award.     


•  No application longer than one page will be considered.
•  No idea should be considered too big or too small.
•  Proposals should include a preliminary budget      
•  A report of no more than one page on the status or outcome of the selected programs including explanation of fund usage must be submitted by June 1, 2015.  Funded program directors will be required to present a 5-minute outline of their programs at the fall 2015 Diversity Forum.   

OFIC member institutions are invited to submit proposals no later than December 12, 2014. Each proposal must have one primary applicant who will receive grant funds and be responsible for reporting.  Proposals must be signed by the primary applicant and the college/university president.  Programs selected for funding will be announced by January 12, 2015. 

Proposals should be sent to:

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges
250 E. Broad St., Suite 1700, Columbus, OH  43215

FAX 614-469-4733/email: Joanne Moriarty moriarty@ofic.org